Media relations

As former journalists now working within the PR profession, we draw upon the rare blend of insights, skills and experiences gained by working in the media from both sides of the fence – and this is what makes us one of the top PR companies in Yorkshire. We have a nose for a good story, an eye for detail… and an ear listening out for opportunities for our clients. We also have an excellent social media strategy, posting tweets daily, and updating social media blogs to fit with our clients’ needs.

About Different

Different was formed by Richard Chew and David Simister and since its start has gone from strength to strength.

As a high profile public relations agency based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, Different enjoys an enviable county wide reputation with full UK coverage.

Boasting a high profile client list of home grown talent, Different are well placed to give weight and enthusiasm to any PR campaign for individual clients and businesses alike.

Having sat next to each other at school, Richard and David have enjoyed a close working relationship for many years and both have a great love of journalism.

You can contact Richard and David at Different by calling 0845 389 2626 or you can send a confidential email by clicking here.

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